License &
Permit Bonds

A license and permit surety bond is an important part of the entire free market system. These bonds are designed to protect consumers by ensuring that businesses perform their jobs according to the rules and regulations set forth by local, state and federal governments.

Who Needs A License and Permit Surety Bond?

License and permit bonds, which may also be called “license bonds” or “permit bonds”, are in a sub-category of insurance that falls under commercial bonding. A license and permit bond allows bonding for thousands of the business market’s different sectors, and include:

Why Do You Need a License and Permit Surety Bond?

A license and permit bond provides your consumers with an extra vote of confidence. They will know you are qualified and have a license in good standing with the state. Having a license and permit bond also assures your consumers that they’re working with an upstanding and ethical business or individual who has taken the time to guarantee their work with a surety bond.

Applying for Surety Bonds

There are literally thousands of commercial license and permit surety bonds, and each state has different regulations regarding requirements, amounts and types. We can get you the commercial surety bond you need despite your credit history, the amount you need or the state in which you live.

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